Computer Infographic Project


What is the difference between the RAM memory and Hard Drive?

There are many differences between RAM memory and the hard drive, one of them is that RAM is volatile memory, meaning that once power to the RAM is cut, all the information will be lost. Hard drive memory on the other hand, is non-volatile, so it will continue to store the information even when power to the hard drive is cut. Another difference between RAM and hard drive, is that RAM is way faster than a hard drive, thus running applications, and the information that currently running applications need will be stored in RAM instead of the hard drive. Another difference between RAM and a hard drive is the cost difference. On average, RAM costs $4.37 dollars per gigabyte. On the other hand, hard drive space is only $0.05 dollars per gigabyte.

What did you learn about computers from the project?

I think something that this project showed me was an analogy between computers and humans. For example, the heart was like the power supply, the speakers were the mouth and the brain was the operating system.


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