Hackathon Game Project Final Performance Task

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What is your project?
My project is a remix of Space Invaders, only with a dragon, a fire ball, and a human target.
What was your process for developing the project?
My process for developing the project was first brainstorming game ideas that I had. I started off choosing a open world survival shooter game on the Unreal 4 Engine, but I realized that the goal was too unrealistic for the amount of time I had to build the game, and the lack of experience I had in the Unreal Engine. I then found a incomplete version of the Space Invaders, and choose to finish the game.
What do you want to create next?
 I think something I want to create next over the summer is the original idea I had of a open world survival shooter game on the Unreal 4 Engine over summer since i would gain a large amount of experience in using the Unreal Engine while doing so.

Scratch Program – Baseball.sb

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What did you do first?

Firstly, I tested out various movement blocks to see what I could do with them, and kept note of the coordinates I needed to use to keep the cat on track in the program.
What did you do next?

Next, I constructed the code and tested the program and fixed any errors that caused the program to not meet the program requirement.s
What did you do last?

Finally, I tested my program to make sure it ran as it should.

Scratch Program – Build A Band Program

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What did you do first?

First I selected all the musical instruments I wanted to use, I chose a singer and two different drums.
What did you do next?

Next, I browsed through the different drum sounds and put them inside repeat loops so that each time the sprite is clicked, it will play it’s sound 10 times in a row before it stops.
What did you do last?

Lastly, I tested the program to make sure that it runs in the way that I want it too, and that there is no bugs in the program.

Scratch Program – Alphabet Learning Program

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What was surprising about the activity?
Something that was surprising about this activity was the number of times I could put some other words in front of the word cow and still have it meet the project requirements.
What new blocks did you learn in this project?
I didn’t learn any new blocks in this project, but I got to practice using different event blocks to trigger different events when a certain requirement is met. Also, I got to practice with different look blocks and creating and using costumes.
When do you feel most creative?
I feel most creative when I look at other’s work for inspiration since I start to think about different ways I could change that piece of work to make it my own.

Scratch Program – About Me Program

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What are you most proud of? Why?

I was most proud of how I improvised and problem solved to combine all of the blocks to make one full project talking all about me.
What did you get stuck on? How did you get unstuck?

I got stuck on the part which talks about my interests and things I like as I did not know how to display all of them. I got unstuck by making all of them costumes and using the changing costumes block to show my interests and hobbies.
What might you want to do next?

What I would do next is see what options I can take and use the most sensible one. I can figure out what problems I have a pathways to get out of them.
What did you discover from looking at others’ About Me projects?

What I discovered by looking at other About Me projects is that you should talk about general facts that appeal to others and make them interested in what you are saying which I tried to input into my About Me project as much as I could.

Scratch Program – First Name Program

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What was surprising about the activity?

I think something that was surprising about the activity is the simplicity of the program.
What new blocks did you learn in this project?

To be honest, I didn’t really learn any new blocks during this project.
When do you feel most creative?

I think I feel the most creative, when I’m at the beginning stages of developing a program, since I’m still trying to figure things out.

Scratch Program – Dancing Sprite

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What was surprising about the activity?
I think something that was surprising about this activity was how straight forward the program was. It was basically two move blocks and two sound blocks into side a repeat loop. The change color was achieved through a when space key pressed, change color effect block.
How did it feel to be led step-by-step through the activity?
I feel like being led step by step thought the activity was really straight forward, and simple.
When do you feel most creative?
I think I’m most creative when I’m at home listening to music, either alone, or while texting some friends.

Computer Infographic Project



What is the difference between the RAM memory and Hard Drive?

There are many differences between RAM memory and the hard drive, one of them is that RAM is volatile memory, meaning that once power to the RAM is cut, all the information will be lost. Hard drive memory on the other hand, is non-volatile, so it will continue to store the information even when power to the hard drive is cut. Another difference between RAM and hard drive, is that RAM is way faster than a hard drive, thus running applications, and the information that currently running applications need will be stored in RAM instead of the hard drive. Another difference between RAM and a hard drive is the cost difference. On average, RAM costs $4.37 dollars per gigabyte. On the other hand, hard drive space is only $0.05 dollars per gigabyte.

What did you learn about computers from the project?

I think something that this project showed me was an analogy between computers and humans. For example, the heart was like the power supply, the speakers were the mouth and the brain was the operating system.

Organizing a Human Computer Reflection Blog Post

What did you learn about computers from this project ?

Throughout lesson 1, I learned that computers are very complex and contain many vital parts just like the human body. When we were organizing human body parts with computer parts, there was a correlation between human body parts and computer parts. For example, the heart was like the hard drive, the speakers were the mouth and the brain was the operating system.

How do you now think computers work ?

Computers work by combining parts and matching each other to create certain functions such as producing music, photoshop and whatever you want to do. These different parts send information to each other in the form of binary code, and small voltages of electricity. It’s similar to the human body since everything must work together and combine to live, play and work. Also, the human body also uses electricity to send information to different neurons.

How do computers affect your future?

Computer technology affects lives positively by enhancing communication, facilitating access to information and revolutionizing business activities. It also promotes learning and the process of building professional relationships through networking. However, computer technology can make people lazy, according to The Telegraph. It also limits social interaction. Computer technology affects people’s lives because they spend a lot of time with computing devices and resources, such as mobile phones and the Internet. People depend on computers in doing almost everything, including purchasing goods, making bookings, inquiring about family and friends, and making decisions. In addition, computer technology allows people to overcome barriers, such as distance, in education and work activities. According to HowStuffWorks, computer technology blurs the line between private and professional lives. Computer technology allows storage of a lot of information and simultaneous retrieval of data. It also eases the manipulation of data, such as photos and sound. However, The Telegraph argues that people are less likely to remember what they see or read on computers. In addition, computer technology can be distracting, and it may create distance among family members. Computers stream several pieces of information, causing people to skim or scan through them, instead of thorough and reflective reading. According to The Telegraph, the media images that children view through computer technology, such as violence on online media, has negative effects on their social and psychological processes.