Develop: myGame.pde

This code is better because the old code just made the ball bounce back up without changing direction. This means that the ball would just bounce back and forth on one x position. After the new code is put in, this causes not only for the ball to change x positions, but also speeds up the rate at which the ball travels.


Design: myGame.pde

Screenshot of the most interesting code after 2 days:

I think that this is one of the most interesting lines of code since the A.I. paddle is following the ball, yet eventually the ball will be so much faster than the paddle that the ball will touch the top wall.

Screenshot of game after 2 days:

Define: myGame.pde

The shapes that I will use will be two rectangle, which will act as paddles. Also, there will be a circle that bounces around the screen. There will also be another circle that you click to start the game. The controls that my game will use is the mouse. The player controlled paddle simply follows the mouse on the game screen along the x-axis. The top and the bottom of the game screen will be areas that the ball resets back to the middle, and a point will be added to which ever paddle got the ball past the other paddle. The left and right sides of the game screen when hit with the ball, will cause it to bounce. The ball will progressively go faster and faster, making the game harder as it progresses. There aren’t really any effects that my game uses.


My game will require 17 variables, and 3 variable types.

Starting with variable type int, there will be 11 variables:

  • cDia
  • mvX
  • mvY
  • rX1
  • rY2
  • rX2
  • rY2
  • recLeng1
  • RecHei2
  • RecLeng2
  • RecHei2

Then for the float variable type, there will be 4 variables:

  • cX
  • cY
  • clickX
  • clickY

Then finally for the color variable type, there will be 2 variables:

  • cCol
  • rCol


Discover: myGame.pde

The game I am  making is a pong game . There will be two paddles, the lower one will be player controlled (controlled by you) using the mouse. The paddle at the top of the screen will be controlled by A.I. When the ball hits the paddles, it will bounce in the opposite direction. The objective of the game is to prevent the ball from touching the bottom of the screen, and to score by getting the ball past the A.I. controlled paddle and hitting the top of the screen.

Logical Conditions

if (you say racist things || act on racist thoughts) {

you are a racist



if (you’re prejudice && racist) {

you don’t deserve freedom of speech



if (you do ! deserve freedom of speech) {

you are a bad person



Hackathon Game Project Final Performance Task

Screenshot 2017-06-07 at 9.55.12 AM.png

What is your project?
My project is a remix of Space Invaders, only with a dragon, a fire ball, and a human target.
What was your process for developing the project?
My process for developing the project was first brainstorming game ideas that I had. I started off choosing a open world survival shooter game on the Unreal 4 Engine, but I realized that the goal was too unrealistic for the amount of time I had to build the game, and the lack of experience I had in the Unreal Engine. I then found a incomplete version of the Space Invaders, and choose to finish the game.
What do you want to create next?
 I think something I want to create next over the summer is the original idea I had of a open world survival shooter game on the Unreal 4 Engine over summer since i would gain a large amount of experience in using the Unreal Engine while doing so.

Message To a New Maker

Describe a piece of advice you wish you heard on your first day at Maker?

The first week is not what you’d expect;

So let’s get one thing straight before I answer this question. I am not saying that this school is bad, I think it is a great school for how far it has gotten in the past three years.

Okay, so the first week of school may not be what some of you would expect, it starts out pretty hecktic, the classes would be chaotic and to be honest, lunch was not enjoyable either because there would be no where to sit. Since you probably haven’t made that many close friends yet, you are left being a wallflower. Once the week is over and everything is calm, it would seem like a normal school so take my word for it when I say that the first week is not stable.

How would this have helped you be successful in school?

This advice would help me be successful in school because it helps me know that school would seem more fun if I knew how high school was really like.

How would this have helped you be successful outside of school?

This would help me be successful outside of school because if I could adapt to a new school over time knowing that things would get better then I can adapt anywhere.

Would you have listened to the advice in September? Why or why not?

I think I would’ve listened to the advice in September because I would’ve taken any advice that helps me get through all the madness of that week but because I also think that the first impressions of the school were not how I would think they would be.

Describe what you would have changed if you had heard and listened to the advice.

I would’ve changed my thoughts on this school in the first week because I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve only seen movies of what high school is like.

How will this advice affect your experience as a 10th grader at Maker next year?

This advice would affect my experience as a 10th grader at Maker next year because I shouldn’t be surprised of how the first week of school is like considering that it would probably be crazy.

Good luck!

Scratch Program –

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.27.03 AM.png

What did you do first?

Firstly, I tested out various movement blocks to see what I could do with them, and kept note of the coordinates I needed to use to keep the cat on track in the program.
What did you do next?

Next, I constructed the code and tested the program and fixed any errors that caused the program to not meet the program requirement.s
What did you do last?

Finally, I tested my program to make sure it ran as it should.